George loves his walks

George is a very active 14 month old Shitzu x Bichon. He enjoys walking & playing anywhere within a 100 meter radius of his mother.

This video is of George & Max @Meola Reef they had just met and enjoyed each others company alot! 




I've been hearing a lot of negative banter about dogs and walking them off lead. Here are my thoughts on that. 

If you know your dog is stressed around other dogs in an off leash park, ease them into it by keeping them on their lead until they have time to assess the situation. Find a quiet place to interact with your fur baby alone, so that they can see that your are confident in the space. Dogs are very intuitive and can feel your nervousness. They can also sense when other dogs are feeling anxious so trust your dogs judgement when they show you they don't want to interact with that dog. 

• George often sits and plays subservience when he is welcoming another dog to play with him like in the video. 

• Also his tail is wagging a lot when the coast is clear.

• George has got very good at avoiding dogs he doesn't want to interact with.

• Socializing dogs is a must if you want to be able to take them out for walks or to parks (half day at daycare is great for this).

• If you know someone with a dog start there and work your way up to meeting other dogs when your out walking or in the park or take your friend with you too. 

I hope this has been a little bit helpful, all dogs are different and what works for George may not work for your fur baby. Please just be cautious when taking your Dog into a populated area with humans & their fur babies. We are all just their to have fun.

That said here is a site from two good friends of ours Sarah & George (another George fur baby) spend their days exploring. Sarah has compiled some awesome adventures for you and your fur babies to explore around NZ check it out below.


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